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Lead Generation with Sponsored LinkedIn InMails

Bulo is a furniture manufacturer with an extensive collection. It creates design furniture that offer more than the fulfilment of functional requirements and contribute to the quality of living and working environments. Our goal? To introduce as many architects as possible to the brand and let them enjoy all the beauty that Bulo has to offer.

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What did we do?

Lead Generation

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A sponsored LinkedIn Mail is a personalised message that is sent to your LinkedIn mailbox. LinkedIn has over 500 million members of whom three million are located in Belgium. This means you can reach about 60% of the Belgian professionals.

The advantage of such a sponsored LinkedIn inmail is that you can send very specific personal messages to your target audience. Something that is not possible with other social media channels like Instagram or Facebook. The open rate of a sponsored LinkedIn inmail is about 50% and because of the ability to specifically target your audience, you increase the chance that this audience is interested in what you have to say.

How did we start this process?

It all starts with testing the right target group. For example, we choose different target groups and analyze which one of these target groups has clicked through to our client most frequently. When we have specified our target group, we start working on copy. For this cases, we developed different copy and tested it further with the chosen target group. This way we specifically meet the needs of our target group and achieve a higher click through rate.


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Case image


The opening rate was much higher than average! About 72% of the prospects opened the e-mail and 54% clicked straight through to the form. Thanks to a profound analysis of the target group and by testing different copy, we were able to generate several leads per month.


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