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Growth in Revenue & ROAS

through B2B E-commerce

Grubau is the Belgian market leader in tools for stone working. To this end, it has the most qualitative and innovative tools in the sector. As a true partner, they think along for appropriate solutions and contribute to the growth of our customers. That is the daily mission of Grubau.

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What did we do?


Paid Search

Shopping Ads

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Automation

How Grubau is strengthening its position as a market leader thanks to digital growth acceleration.


Grubau is the market leader in providing tools and service to everyone involved in stone working.

But in an increasingly competitive market, it is important for Grubau to strengthen its position by focusing on digitalization in order to grow sales, profitability and brand awareness.

Not only by optimizing and improving the marketing performance via top-of-the-funnel channels. Also by focusing on efforts to increase the loyalty and lifetime value of existing customers through marketing automation.

The objective was simple: to boost Grubau’s online results via performance-driven channels, without having to spend more budget. And to provide insight into the exact impact of marketing by linking blind spots in marketing analytics back to business data in Odoo.

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The proof of the pudding is in the numbers… Let’s have a taste.

+34 %

Ecommerce Conv. Rate






Return on Ad Spend

What made this case a success?


Data-Driven Marketing

By better measuring results and linking them to back-end data via Odoo, we were able to better identify blind spots.

Enhanced E-commerce data through datalayer tracking within Google Tag Manager enabled Grubau to better assess the impact of marketing campaigns and channels.

The profitability of the channels and campaigns was mapped out by deducting additional costs such as shipping, VAT, etc. from the turnover in order to work towards a net result.


Focus on traffic quality

Quality over quantity. With that mindset, we went through existing campaigns to maximize results within existing budgets.

A first big win was cutting out mobile traffic campaigns. A big loss in website traffic, but a big win in the quality of it. More conversions. More sales. Improved ROAS.

Ad texts were also adjusted to more clearly appeal to the B2B market and avoid B2C purchases.


A/B Testing & Optimization

Which target groups convert best? What is the ROAS per type of campaign? What if we want to internationalize to other countries?

By continuously testing different aspects of the campaigns and digital strategy, we worked towards an optimal result in a short period of time. That result was determined on the basis of clear KPIs such as turnover, ROAS and the cost per acquisition or transaction.

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