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KBS Systems

KBS Systems provides a total service in fire resistance and compartmentalisation. Already in the 70’s Control & Protection profiled itself as a certified installer and supplier of fire compartmentation. Under the wings of that company KBS Systems was founded in 1984 as an installer of the complete range of fire resistant applications. In the meantime KBS Systems has grown into a full-fledged installation company that offers a total service for each fire compartmentalisation, and that with the guarantee of the correct fire resistance.

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What did we do?

Lead generation

Marketing analytics

Paid social

Organic social

A/B testing

Content creation

How did boostU boost the KBS Systems brand awareness and generate B2B leads with Google Ads

By defining an adequate mixture of channels and campaigns, we managed to collect 200 quality leads. Ultimately, the Google search campaigns (brand and generic) with relevant keywords and ads, coupled with the right bidding strategies, provided these leads. Through Facebook and LinkedIn, KBS Systems’ visibility and credibility in particular got a boost. By referring to topical issues and highlighting great projects, the organic posts reached a larger audience, received more reactions and were shared more often. The visibility which was gained on social media channels had a positive impact on the search volume for “KBS Systems”. Our brand campaigns subsequently led these visitors to the website.

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Google Ads leads in 2022

What has made this a success story?



Through extensive testing, we found out what does and does not work. This allowed us to define an ideal mixture of channels and campaigns, for brand awareness, on the one hand, and lead generation, on the other.


Weekly analysis

During the course of the campaigns, results were continuously analysed to make timely adjustments, where necessary.


Transparent communication with KBS Systems

Thanks to the transparent communication with KBS Systems, we were able to define the ROAS of our campaigns and gained valuable insights for optimal budget allocation.

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