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PAB Drive-in: content- & eventcase

How do you organize a coronaproof sales conference for your entire team in times when you can’t physically do that? At the end of December, PAB Benelux asked us whether we could work with them to come up with an original concept to enable them to hold their annual event. We present you: our PAB Benelux Drive-In Success Case.

Organizing a coronaproof event in times when you can’t be in each other’s presence. In theory, this is not a difficult task: you organize a virtual event by videocall and invite one or two speakers to give a presentation. But that’s pretty much what everyone is doing at the moment, right? After a creative brainstorming session with the requesting party & team boostU, we arrived at a live broadcast drive-in show.

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What did we do?



The Concept

We all know a drive-in cinema. But a broadcast obviously needs to be filled with content. PAB is a brand builder and distributor of various (international) food brands on the Belgian market (including Tony’s Chocolonely, Innocent, Tabasco…) and has a strategic annual plan for each of these brands that need to be explained.

So we decided – on a filming day with a tight schedule – to make one to several (depending on the amount of information) videos per segment in which these plans were discussed by the brand representatives. In addition to broadcasting these pre-recorded videos, live interviews with the Management Team took place during the broadcast on a large screen, where a new mission and vision, as well as new values were communicated.

Crucial to this event was the script. Everything was written out neatly according to schedule. In this way, the direction team, which took care of the live stream, knew exactly when what explanation would take place, when which cameras were needed and at what times certain clips had to be played.

Team PAB, who were watching the broadcast from their cars on a large screen, as well as listening to the broadcast via a specific radio frequency, still got to see and hear their colleagues and the strategic explanations in a playful manner on their strategy day.

And what is an event without a theme? To give the broadcast an extra boost, we opted for a central theme: Yes We Cannes. A theme that not only refers to the glitz & glamour of the famous film festival (hence the outfits), it also describes the mentality that the team wants to adopt in the coming year.

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