Plant for growth

At boostU, we believe sustainability plays a crucial role in creating a healthy and just world for all. That’s why we accepted the responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and focus our efforts for the conservation of our planet.

Carbon neutral

boostU aims to plant 10,000 trees in projects around the world by 2023. This will fully offset the CO2 emissions resulting from the digital marketing campaigns boostU runs in 2023. That is how boostU is set to operate ‘net zero’ or ‘carbon neutral’ by 2023. Trees are automatically purchased weekly based on the amount of campaign impressions on clients’ campaigns that week.

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Ecological footprint

We are proud of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, such as planting trees, supporting local associations and minimising waste. In addition, we work with our customers and partners to strengthen and encourage their own sustainable practices.

At boostU, we are determined to continue our sustainability efforts and are committed to creating a future where we treat our planet responsibly. Becoming a customer at boostU equals joining our mission and becoming part of our community of sustainable thinkers and doers.

What are boostU’s sustainable initiatives?

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Minimising waste.

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Reducing energy consumption.

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CO2 neutral advertising.

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Committing to employee wellbeing.

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Supporting local communities.

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Sustainable initiatives are constantly being developed.

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