Let boostU help you with all your professional marketing advice and get up to 30% of the cost reimbursed through the Flemish Government’s kmo-Portefeuille.

You can contact us for all your digital marketing advice such as website structures, a social media strategy, growth marketing strategy, branding advice, etc.

What exactly is the kmo-Portefeuille?

The kmo-Portefeuille is a subsidy measure from the Flemish Government for financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business. As a small enterprise you receive 30% support, as a medium-sized enterprise you receive 20% support. The maximum annual support ceiling is €7,500.

Registered service provider

Only those who use a registered service provider are entitled to use the subsidy measure. boostU BV is such a registered service provider (registration number DV.A245565) for the service advice.

This strategic advice is put together once and objectively.

More info about applying for the kmo-Portefeuille.

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What advice actually means

Our advice is always tailored to your organisation. First we map your current situation and then we propose a number of solutions. You can then expect creative suggestions and specific proposals in our advice.

We will advise you objectively straightaway on how to implement each solution with a digital guide.

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Five steps for your file with the kmo-Portefeuille

Phase 1

Intake discussion and quotation

On the basis of an initial intake interview, we will draw up the request for advice and provide you with an offer.

Phase 2

Agreement and subsidy application

Upon confirmation we recommend to submit your subsidy application immediately. This must be done at the latest 14 days after the start of this service (our registration number: DV.A245565).

Phase 3

Analysis and advice

We work as follows:

  1. We start by mapping your current situation.
  2. On this basis we propose some advice. We would like to discuss this thoroughly with you.
  3. We will then finalise this document in a report that you can use in the future for clear implementation of the proposals made.

Phase 4

Subsidy and Payment

Upon confirmation of your subsidy application you will receive a payment invitation to pay your share into a Sodexo account. The Flemish Government also pays the subsidy into this account.

Phase 5

Evaluation of services

Finally, when we administratively conclude the file we will also ask you for a brief evaluation of our advice, methodology and your general satisfaction. We put this together in a short online survey.

Does my company qualify for the subsidy?​

With this checklist you can find out if you can make use of the kmo-Portefeuille:

  • Your enterprise is an kmo (according to the European kmo definition) or you practice an independent profession.
  • Your company has an acknowledged legal form.
  • Your establishment is located in the Flemish Region. There are also ‘employees at your company’.
  • You are operating in the private sector. The participation of an administrative authority is less than 25 per cent.
  • Your company has an acknowledged main activity.
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