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By combining a growth mindset with the approach of an agile design sprint, we came up with an efficient methodology to work towards business objectives and marketing goals. Not by running a single marketing campaign each quarter. But by running multiple experiments at the same time per quarter during a weekly sprint process.

This way, we try to differentiate our approach from more traditional agencies and work towards your goals in a more agile and lean way of working.

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Day 1: Growth Brainstorm & Ideation

No rocket ship ever launched without a rock-solid game plan. Defining a strategy upfront gives us a direction to work towards your business goals and marketing objectives…

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Day 2: Growth Creatives

Every growth experiment needs to be supported with the right content. On day 2, we work a full day on making your growth experiment and campaign concepts come to life.

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Day 3: Prototyping

On day three, after validating our creative concepts with clients, we start building the prototypes. That means: Selecting the right MarTech toolstack to run experiments effectively, building & developing mvp landing pages or web page flows, and much more.

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Day 4: Growth Setup

When the content is up and running, it’s time to setup growth campaigns that drive traffic towards these experiments on day 4. We’ll set up what is needed to run the experiments. But more importantly, now your team is also armed with the tools to run more growth sprints and build the process and mindset.

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Day 5: Growth Launch

On the final day of the week, we come together to present all performed work over the course of the sprint. Together we press the green button to launch all campaigns and experiments on the growth roadmap. Then, we celebrate with beers.

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Gynzy growth sprint

Gynzy is a Dutch company that has ambitions to conquer the Flemish market with their online learning platform. During the growth sprint, the team worked intensively for a week to develop a successful strategy.

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