Growth Process & Methodology

By combining a growth mindset with the approach of an agile design sprint, we came up with an efficient methodology to work towards business objectives and marketing goals. Not by running a single marketing campaign each quarter. But by running multiple experiments at the same time per quarter during a weekly sprint process.

This way, we try to differentiate our approach from more traditional agencies and work towards your goals in a more agile and lean way of working.

Doing growth for good.

Growth for good means helping organizations grow that make a positive difference to the world. In 2021 we launched our own CSR programme that supports both internal and external projects for a better tomorrow.

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Phase 1

The Kick-off

2-4 weeks

Define growth marketing goals and roadmap


  • Speed date
  • Growth goals & targets
  • KPI Framework
  • Buyer persona definitions & customer journey analysis
  • Content Strategy outline
  • Growth Marketing roadmap

Phase 2

The Set-up

3-5 weeks

Advanced analytics and reporting


  • Advanced Analytics set-up
  • (Advanced) Tag Management
  • Track qualitative & quantitative data
  • Content creation
  • CRM Setup
  • Analyse and report in key metric dashboard

Phase 3

The boost

4-6 months

First experimental campaigns and optimisations


  • Growth ideation
  • Campaign experiment implementation in weekly sprints
  • Data analysis & campaign optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • UX/UI optimisation

Phase 4

The Growth

1-2 weeks

Scale-up winning experiments through marketing automation


  • Marketing automation setup
  • Automation flow outline
  • Campaign setup & management
  • Lead-to-sale-rate optimizatio

How we work together

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Quarterly Meetings

Once per quarter, we sit together to review the performance against OKRs and KPIs of the past 3 months, Here, new objectives and experiments are defined.

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Monthly Reports

Even though our dashboards are available 24/7, we understand that having a monthly overview is still nice to have.

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(bi-)weekly calls

Depending on the size of the scope and intensity of collaboration, we do either a weekly or bi-weekly call with all of our customers to keep communication lines short ‘n sweet.

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We are fully transparent in our way of work and campaign performance results to show whether we’re being of added value or not. No black boxes.

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Monthly retainers offer more flexibility and consistency. Whatever needs to be done within our scope, we’ll get it done without looking at the clock.

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Flexible plans

Our plans are designed to ensure a flexible collaboration that meets your needs. Choose the plan that best fits your needs today, and scale-up / -down later when you need to.

They ❤️ boostU, here’s why…

KBS Systems

boostU is the right long-term digital marketing partner. They have a broad knowledge and above all a correct project approach.

Testimonial author image
Tim Thyssen

General Manager


I see that boostU is making great strides and can achieve more and more by expanding their team. This fits well with the direction we want to go together. We are very honest with each other which makes us take each other to the next level.

Testimonial author image
Kim Keuzekamp

Graphic designer


boostU is innovative. Nice young employees with refreshing ideas! The investments we make here have always been worth it so far. I would definitely recommend boostU to friends and work contacts.

Testimonial author image
Bea Princen

Project manager

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