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Gynzy is an online learning platform that helps elementary school teachers to optimize the educational process. Gynzy has digital solutions for both teaching on the (digi)board as well as offering lesson materials.

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What did we do?

Growth sprint

What was the purpose of the campaign?

Gynzy is a Dutch company that has ambitions to conquer the Flemish market with their online learning platform. To achieve this, they called in the help of boostU and The Other Agency. Two agencies, each with their own field of expertise, joined forces and worked closely together during the “growth sprint” that we organised. The team of The Other Agency took on the development of the creative concept, while the team of boostU focused on the strategy and the design of the growth campaigns.

During the growth sprint, the team worked intensively for a week to develop a successful strategy for Gynzy. The week looked like this:

  • Day 1: workshop with boostU, The Other Agency and Gynzy to define goals, KPI’s and creative concept
  • Day 2: strategy and experiments were outlined and adjusted thanks to short feedback loops
  • Day 3: first versions of content (visuals, copy) and landing pages were created, (tracking) tools were set up and integrations were made
  • Day 4: the various experiments were set up with the agreed target groups, budgets and approved content
  • Day 5: final adjustments were made and the finished experiments were presented to Gynzy
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Case image
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What made this case a success?


In the short term, a very concrete plan of action was worked out in detail so that, once approved, action could be taken quickly.


In addition, the collaboration with The Other Agency contributed to the efficiency during the growth sprint. Both agencies were involved from the start so that the communication ran smoothly, the division of tasks was clearly defined, etc.


Both the team of boostU and The Other Agency were able to focus on what they do best, which contributed to a result that both agencies are satisfied with.

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