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Corsendonk Hotels started restoring the Priory in Oud-Turnhout in the 1970s. Today Corsendonk Hotels has 5 establishments, each with its own unique character.

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What did we do?

Website design & development

Tracking optimization


Facebook Ads audit

How boostU brought back the balance between B2B and B2C

Although Corsendonk Hotels attracts numerous B2B customers with its conference rooms and team-building packages, the aim was to present the hotels in a way that is also attractive for private individuals. With their website as a digital signboard, some adjustments needed to be made to bring back the balance between B2B and B2C offerings. The challenge was presenting the different establishments, each with their adapted offerings, in a clear and user-friendly way. We accomplished this by creating different dimensions and levels in the navigation.

We also noticed that a large proportion of website traffic to the Corsendonk Hotels website came from abroad, which is why we decided to make the website available in three languages.

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How boostU provided more insights into campaign results

Once the website was fully reviewed, we also needed to ensure that everything happening on the website is measured correctly and allocated to the right traffic source. Although significant efforts were made on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we noticed that more and accurate data were needed to make targeted decisions. To this end, both the Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel set-up were fully optimised. As a result, we can now measure conversions accurately and the Corsendonk Hotels team gains useful insights into campaign results.

As a next step, we also looked into the Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts of Corsendonk Hotels. This resulted in a restructuring of the Google Ads account and new Google Ads campaigns. We also assisted the Corsendonk Hotels team with actionable insights and tips to optimise their Facebook campaigns.

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Measured turnover


Measured transactions

What has made this a success story?


Optimised UX

The broad offer of each establishment is now clearly visible by means of logical filters and subdivisions. The full range of Corsendonk Hotels becomes apparent at a glance. In addition, convenient and targeted call to actions ensure that the B2C offer is back on track.


Measuring is knowing!

By measuring all events on the website correctly, we can use these new insights to optimise Google and Facebook Ads as well. This way, we know which ads are effective for Corsendonk Hotels and which are not.

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