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FOODPathS is a project supported by the European Commission aimed at developing a concrete plan and the necessary resources for sustainable European cooperation for food systems. The project will focus on people, planet and climate and will be launched in 2024.

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What did we do?

Web design

Web development

Well prepared

FOODPathS came to us well prepared, both the branding and structure were already fully worked out. This ensured that we could start working on the web design right away. We translated their written-out structure into a modern and playful design that perfectly matched their branding. This way, all design choices had been made before we moved on to the development phase.



Since there was a need for numerous content types and categories, it was necessary to clearly divide and display all this information in both front-end and back-end. In the back-end, we ensured clear subdivision and a user-friendly page structure which makes it easy for customers to make their own adjustments. We also used many filters in the front-end, which allows users to search for the right information in a targeted way.

Besides the filters, there were a number of other important features such as social media share buttons to let users easily share the events and news items. A twitter feed to highlight tweets using the FOODPathS hashtag and an interactive map to display all funders in a convenient overview.

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Content types

What has made this a success story?



Because it is an informative website, it is important to keep it attractive. The long texts are brought to the screen using animations which makes the whole experience more enjoyable for the user.



By dividing up all the different content types in combination with appropriate categories, we have kept the large amount of information manageable, for both users and administrators.

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