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KLEIR. is a clothing label with a love for the dialect of Antwerp city. It is pure passion for Antwerp, its inhabitants, and its language. The products are fair and responsible, which is why they are made entirely or partially from organic cotton and carry the label of the Fair Wear Foundation. On the webshop, you can buy sweaters, T-shirts, baby rompers, or accessories with the funniest Antwerp quotes. It’s a great way to stay original and authentic.

KLEIR. approached boostU to increase its online sales through targeted digital marketing.

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What did we do?

Marketing analytics

Google Ads

Paid social

A/B testing

Content creation

Increasing Online Sales with Targeted Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns

Google ads

To start, we utilized Google Ads campaigns to enhance KLEIR.’s online presence and attract more visitors to the website to increase conversions. In addition to generic search campaigns, we also launched shopping campaigns targeting everyone in Flanders looking for clothing with Antwerp quotes.

Facebook & Pinterest

Next, we set up Facebook and Pinterest campaigns to reach potential customers through social media. Here, we targeted everyone in Flanders interested in both adult and children’s clothing with Antwerp quotes. To make the campaign more attractive to the target audience, we also used dynamic ads to show specific products that match the potential customers’ interests.

Increasing website visitors & online Sales 

The result of our digital marketing campaigns are very successful. We see a significant increase in website visitors and online sales. Google Ads led to more than 900,000 impressions and 21,000 clicks to the website. The Google Ads campaigns also generated 500 conversions at a cost per conversion of only €13. With the Facebook and Pinterest campaigns, we reached over 4 million people and generated over 7,000 clicks to the website. With the social campaigns, we also achieved a ROAS of 5.

In conclusion, the combination of Google Ads and social campaigns helped KLEIR. increase its online sales and create more awareness for their products among a relevant audience. By targeting and displaying relevant ads, we maximized the given marketing budget.

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Over een periode van 5 maanden:




Clicks to the website




More sales YOY

What has made this a success story?



Through extensive testing, we found out what works and what doesn’t. This allowed us to achieve the ideal mix of channels and campaigns for both brand awareness and online sales.


Weekly analysis

Throughout the campaigns, we continuously analyzed the results to make adjustments where necessary.


Transparent communication

Thanks to transparent communication with KLEIR., we were able to map out the ROAS of our campaigns and obtain valuable insights to optimally allocate the budget.

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