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With over 65 years of experience, Eltra is the market leader in the distribution of electrical equipment and lighting for the home improvement market in the Benelux. From their warehouse in Evergem they deliver a wide range of products to more than 1,000 stores in Belgium, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. According to the DAAS model (Distribution As A Service) they focus on the needs of their customers and suppliers to provide them with the best possible services: from sourcing products to after sales.

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What did we do?

Lead generation

Paid social

A/B testing

Content creation

Marketing analytics

What was the purpose of the campaign?

Because Eltra was having trouble filling their open positions for order pickers and warehouse workers, they turned to boostU.

Although LinkedIn seems the logical choice for an employment campaign, after researching the target group on different channels, we opted for a Facebook employment campaign. With this campaign, the Growth Specialists of boostU had to ensure a greater influx of applicants on the one hand and an improvement in the quality of the applicants on the other.

By means of extensive A/B testing in the field of creatives (static visual versus videos) and copy (short with bullet points versus long), we were able to continuously optimise the campaign and reduce the cost per result. A few findings were:

  • that the more often the target group saw the ad, the more they clicked through
  • a video ad performed better than a static image
  • that a short, bulleted list performed better than a long job description
  • that the quality of the applicants increased after we added some screening questions to the lead form that the applicants had to fill out (see image)
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What are the results of the campaign?


available media budget




new hires

What made this case a success?


Through continuous experimentation and optimization, the cost per applicant was kept low, allowing us to stop the campaign before the predefined media budget was spent.


In addition, we could guarantee the quality of the applicants by adding screening questions in the lead form. That way we were sure we were reaching the right people with our campaign and it saved the recruiters at Eltra some work.

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